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Do you want to help your children live a healthy life? There is an abundance of information in the World today, but a lack of wisdom when it comes to health. Join us to learn what contributes to health and disease in children and how to help them with Science based information that is also practical and easy to use. We will teach you how to use Nature's own medicine cabinet to help your loved ones live a happy and healthy Life.


Topics covered

1. Developmental stages of children - normal and abnormal problems

2. What constitutes health and wellness?

3. Causes of common diseases in children - recurring infections or infections like ear infection, strep, pneumonia, flu, cold and cough, croup, chronic diseases like eczema, allergies, asthma, constipation, precocious puberty, hormonal issues, acne and more

4. How to prevent these diseases?

5. How to detoxify your children to bring them to health and keep them healthy?

6. How to treat these conditions and more naturally from the comfort of your home?

7. Q&A with Dr. Sowmya Sridharan.


Bonus -

1. New and improved protocol booklet for common ailments of childhood

2. Our amazing clean products recommendation sheet for your health and home

3. New video on how to heal each acute condition


Comprehensive course on Children's health and healing diseases naturally

  • The content of this course is copyrighted and any distribution or copying is strictly prohibited and against the law.

  • Saras - Thank you for your time and effort in bringing us back to nature :) Appreciate you.

    Sangeeta - Thank you so much for all the wonderful information.. so useful

    V.N - thank you so much. it was a very informative course!

    Mariya - Yes, this is fantastic. Appreciate you taking time to educate us. Thank you so much! Very informative!!

    M.M - I learnt how to detox my child with this course that I didn't even know about before. It is such a blessing to have someone like you guide us to do better by our children. Thank you so much!

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