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Rigorous studies have concluded that when Red-Light Therapy is combined with the sublingual and/or nebulization of Liposomal Methylene Blue, it yields impressive results in both the prevention and reduction of COVID-19 and its lingering effects, known as the Post Viral Syndrome or Long Haulers Syndrome.


The latest research highlights methylene blue's neuroprotective potential against various cytotoxicity-related diseases, including stroke and Parkinson's disease, and its promising role in managing high blood pressure.


Acting as an electron carrier, methylene blue proves its efficacy against malaria and methemoglobinemia while providing substantial benefits in the brain and cardiac tissue by enhancing cellular oxygen consumption and reducing anaerobic glycolysis.


These remarkable benefits are particularly relevant to conditions like Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and stroke. When compared directly to antipsychotic drugs like phenothiazine, methylene blue showcases comparable neuroprotective effects but operates through a distinct mechanism.


Moreover, studies have demonstrated that the combination of red-light therapy and Liposomal Methylene Blue leads to enhanced improvements, offering the following advantages:


  • Reduction in the infection process of COVID-19, while safeguarding against Post Viral Syndromes.
  • Support in managing respiratory illnesses, including flu viruses and allergies, as well as conditions like asthma and rhinitis.

NanoBlu Liposomal Methylene Blue

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