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Homepathic Multi Frequency Liver, Hepatitis A-B-C, Cirrhosis & Blood Sugar Detoxification
Concentrated Homaccord Tincture (2 oz.) 
Dosage:  One full dropper 2x daily in warm water, or as directed by a Health Care Practitioner

Traditionally Supports:

  • Liver Congestion
  • Cirrhosis
  • Alcoholism
  • Hepatitis A / B / C
  • Digestive Imbalance
  • Poor Metabolism
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Constipation

Physica Energetics Hepata tox - 2 Oz

  • Causal Chain Ingredients: Arsenicum Album 6X, ATP 5X, Benzinum 10X, 12X, 30X, Berberis Vulgaris 1X, Carduus Marianus 1X, Chelidonium Majus 3X, Chelone Glabra 12X, Chemical Isodes 12X, 30X, 200X, 1M, Germanium Sesquioxide 3X, Glutathione 5X, Hepatitis Nosodes A-B-C 6X, 8X, 12X, 15X, 30X, 60X, 100X, 200X, Liver 3X, Lymph 3X, Mesenchyme 6X, 9X, 6CH, Phosphoricum Acidum 6X, 12X, Spleen 3X, Taraxacum Officinale 1X, Thyroid 5X, Triticum Repens 3X, Distilled water, Kosher glycerine from palm/or coconut oil 12%, Organic cane alcohol 20%

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