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Hormonal Disorders

Case histories of patients with hormonal imbalance after menopause treated by Dr. Sridharan

Patient 1

A Female of 60 years came to our clinic to get off the hormone patch she was on for the past 23 years. She was afraid of the long term effects of the patch and was also concerned about her constant fatigue and random pain in various parts of her body. She was very health conscious and had a good diet and exercise regimen. She was not any other prescription drugs. The patient said that she still had hot flashes and night sweats and felt depressed if she didn't use the patch for a day. She had a good appetite and regular bowel movements, but her sleep was very disturbed due to her hot flashes and night sweats. She also felt depressed during the evening time and was weepy at night. She started wearing the patches when she was pre menopausal and has never been able to get off them. She was irritable and angry when she was depressed and didn't want to go out or do things. She loved playing golf and she wanted to be able to play it without the aches and pains she was experiencing.

Considering the patient's complaints, a remedy(\(\(not a bio identical hormone) was prescribed to correct her hormonal imbalance and help her body adapt to lesser amounts of estrogen produced by her body. Patient was adviced to stop using the patch right after the treatment was started and the patient reported back after couple months. She said that her mood was generally better, her vaginal dryness had considerably improved and her hot flashes and night sweats were still present, but with a decreased frequency. Patient continued to report improvement in her condition in regards to her energy, random pains, her mood and the night sweats for the next several months. Patient was weaned off of the remedy after 10 months of treatment as she had adapted well. The patient still continues to visit our clinic for her everyday ailments whenever they present themselves. We have also treated her for cluster headaches, sinus infections and arthritic pains on various occasions. Patient has remained to be in good health and still plays golf everyday at the age of 69.


Patient 2

A female aged 52 years came to our clinic with a very strange problem. She complained that she had PMS like symptoms with extreme irritability, hot flashes and night sweats during the time of her periods even after her menopause. She said that she had always had these symptoms during her child bearing years and the problems continued even after her periods had ceased. She said the symptoms lasted for almost 10 days in a month and it decreased the quality of her life. She also had Sciatica at that time. Her case history was taken in detail and then she was prescribed a homeopathic remedy to balance her hormones and to restore health in every cell in her body. She reported that her sciatica pains ceased within a week of starting the remedy and her PMS like symptoms, irritability, hot flashes and night sweats started decreasing in intensity in 2 months time and disappeared completely after 5 months of treatment.



Janice - Las Vegas

I had been on Hormone Replacement Therapy for 28 years, suffering with weakness,pain, and limited range of motion in my hip-due to a fall. I had food allergies, dry skin, brittle nails and thinning hair. Today my allergies are non existent and I now have moist skin, strong nails, thicker longer hair, and last but not least, I am free from HRT.

As unbelievable as it seems, this one Homeopathic Consultant, Dr.Sowmya Sridharan, treated and cured me of my health issues in only 6 months.

Dr. Sridharan is a good listener,patient, personable and kind. She has the knowledge as to how to intergrate those attributes into your individual treatment.


C.J – Las Vegas

Thank goodness for Dr. Sridharan. I suffered for years from monthly hormonal PMS that included symptoms like depression, social withdrawal and just plain feeling uncomfortable in my own skin. Then when I went through menopause I struggled with depression, anxiety and panic attacks. In the last few years I was also dealing with bouts of sciatica. I have always favored a more natural approach to my health and was unsuccessful with allopathic treatments. I had tried another homeopathic doctor a few years ago but the approach was complicated and unsuccessful. One day I was searching the web and came across Las Vegas Homeopathy. At my first appointment I felt very much at ease with Dr. Sridharan. She was so kind and told me to just tell her everything that was bothering me. She took very detailed notes for an hour and continued this during the course of my treatments. She also explained how homeopathy addresses the whole body and not just isolated symptoms. I was skeptical that homeopathy could cure my sciatica. Well seven months later, I have to say I am so lucky to have found Dr. Sridharan. I no longer suffer from any of these problems. At each appointment we worked together to adjust my dose as needed. It was a simple, easy to follow process. I highly recommend Dr. Sridharan to anyone who is about to give up as I was.


Lara - Las Vegas

I am a healthy 46 year old woman who was put on the hormone cream Premarin when I complained of vaginal dryness to my internist. The cream was tedious and messy, but it worked, to a degree. I'd met Dr. Sridharan socially, and knew she was extremely intelligent and highly educated but for some reason it didn't occur to me to go see her about my issue until I logged onto my computer one night to do some research on Premarin. The main working ingredient in the medication is harvested from the urine of pregnant mares. The mares wear a bag to collect the urine, which is stressful. Also, there are risks associated with the medication, including a higher risk of various types of cancer. It turned me off - I've never been a big one to take medications but it was also important to me to enjoy a healthy sex life! My appointment with Dr. Sridharan was unlike any doctors appointment I've ever attended. To begin with, she spent more time with me in one appointment than my internist has spent with me in 5 years of appointments. I'm not bashing my internist, the way the medical practice is set up, she only has 15 minutes max to spend on each patient. Not so with Dr. Sridharan. I felt relaxed as we chatted about all facets of my life, versus focusing on just the one symptom. I finally understood what homeopathic medicine means when they say they treat the 'whole' person. I wasn't just a symptom to Dr. Sridharan. She put me on a natural homeopathic remedy which is less expensive and works beautifully, better than the Premarin ever did. It's simple and easy to take and better yet, is not a messy vaginal cream. I highly recommend Dr. Sridharan to my friends, family and clients.

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