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Heal Naturally

Do you want to be vibrant and healthy?

Have you always wanted to fix whatever ails you naturally?

Do you want to take control of your family's health?

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you have come to the right page!


You can download protocols to treat yourself and your loved ones naturally from the comfort of your home by clicking on each ailment below. 

Best potencies/strength for each remedy is listed in the protocol. Dosing is 5 pills per dose when you buy the remedies from amazon or your local health food store. Ask your homeopath for the pills per dosage if you buy from them. Repeat dosage depending on the intensity of the illness. Most intense symptoms would call for a maximum of up to 5x for 30c and 3x for 200c and less frequently for minor symptoms. Use all remedies with caution and if in doubt, contact your homeopath. 

Please use these protocols with prudence. If you are unsure or unable to treat yourself or your family with these protocols, please contact a professional to get help.

Also read the Do's and Don'ts while taking homeopathic medicines before following the protocols. 

Acute Holistic Care Booklet


Homeopathic remedies can be bought as single remedies or as a kit

We also carry the homeopathic kits with protocols for your family's needs

These protocols are in no way a replacement for medical help and on downloading you agree to use it at your own risk and will not hold liable Hygieia Homeopathic Clinic LLC., or Dr. Sowmya Sridharan. These protocols are meant for educational purposes only.

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