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A membership program offered to patients and non patients who want to educate and empower themselves in healing their families.

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FOR $49

You will learn how to take care of yourself & your family and empower yourself with the knowledge of natural medicine through these courses:

   a. Naturopathic medicine course

       In this course, you will learn about: Facial Diagnosis, Chakras, Chinese Meridians, Energy Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine, Supplements for your Health, Muscle Testing & Marmaa.

    b. Health 101

       In this course, you will learn to understand the natural laws of your body and how to keep it healthy by learning these things: Protocol booklet for common ailments and have the Smoothie booklet.

    c. Comprehensive Course on Children's Health and Healing Diseases Naturally

In this course, you will learn the basic approaches on how to deal with the common ailments of children by learning these: Children's health and healing. You will also have the Product Recommendation Sheet for everyday products for your health & Protocols booklet for common children's ailments.


And much more will be exclusively added only for the members until the membership is active. 

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Video Call with Sign Language
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There would be a group zoom call once a month on the 4th Sunday at 11:00 am CT or they will upload a series of insightful videos that talk about anything about health.  

This call will be recorded and available on the portal for you to watch at any time where we discussed some amazing topics that you can learn from. Also, you can bring any kind of health questions to this call and if you aren't able to join then you can send your questions ahead of time and they will be answered by Dr. Sowmya. 

Product Sales


You will have a discount on selected supplements every month. 

For this month, Liposomal Camu Camu is 10% off to all members.


Sample only

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You will have In-person classes, and workshops 4x a year with Dr. Sowmya. It will also be live on zoom for our out-of-state patients.

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Hello there!

I'm Dr. Sowmya Sridharan, N.D

I treat and counsel patients on their health and well being through naturopathic and homeopathic medicine. I also educate people through my courses and memberships where they can gain knowledge to take care of themselves and their love ones in their own hands.

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