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How would you choose your doctor?

A few years ago, every family had a doctor called, "The family doctor". Whenever someone falls sick in the family, the family doctor would know everything about each member in the family and take care of the problem at that time.The doctor would know the diet and lifestyle of the family and would be able to advise them whenever there is a health concern. Does your doctor spend enough time with you during your visit to understand what your problem is? Does he/she know what your diet is like? Can they understand your stress and life style?

Would you entrust your health in the hands of someone that you barely know? Wouldn't you want your doctor to spend enough time with you to understand your needs and causes of your problem to treat you effectively?

Choose a doctor who truly cares about your health and well-being and doesn't look at you as a dollar sign. Choose a doctor who is well informed of the medical advancements and changes. A doctor that you could reach in times of need and not ones that will make you wait for 3 months when you are suffering. Choose a doctor who doesn't prescribe you medications, but helps you get well through sustainable means for life.

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