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Everyone is talking about cleanse these days. There is juice cleanse, raw food cleanse, packaged cleanses, candida cleanse, detoxes etc., How to choose the best? What is the best cleanse for me? If you are ravaged by all these questions, you have come to the right place.

A cleanse should definitely be done under a knowledgeable health care practitioner, as many cleanses cause an aggravation of symptoms before you feel better. Do not use these cleanses on children. It has to be done under a practitioner only. But here are some cleanses that could be used depending on what conditions you suffer from or just a maintenance.

Gut cleanse

This is a good cleanse for maintenance or to clean out the bowels every 6 months. This is an anti-fungal and parasitic cleanse.

Black walnut hull tincture with clove - 1/4 tsp 1x a day in the morning on an empty stomach

Celery Juice - 4 oz on an empty stomach 30 minutes after black walnut tincture

Magnesium - 500 mgs/day with dinner

Vitamin C - 1000mgs/day with food

Turmeric - 500mgs/day with food

Fennel - 450mgs/day with food

Aloe vera juice -1 tbsp with sovereign silver - 1 tsp - mixed together and taken at night

The above should be taken for 21 days followed by a day of castor oil cleanse, which involves taking 2 tbsp of castor oil mixed in warm water on an empty stomach. Follow with 1/2 glass of plain warm water or himalayan salt water every 1/2 hour until the bowels have been emptied out. Drink plenty of fresh juice and raw fruits and vegetables on this day. Avoid meat, heavily cooked, processed and fried foods.

On the day of the castor oil cleanse, plan to stay at home as you will have many urgent and loose bowel movements throughout the day. Keep yourself hydrated with coconut water, juices and water.

This cleanse may result in weight loss and also can also help in resetting the body for a fresh start. Fasting for at least a day every fortnight is very beneficial after the cleanse. Fasting acts as a mini reset button for the body and helps the body recover.

Kidney cleanse and Liver & Gall bladder cleanse are others that we use for different ailments. But these should be done under supervision and is not safe for anyone to use reading on the internet.

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