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Digestive Disorders

Many disorders typically originate in the digestive system. When nutrients aren't adequately absorbed by the digestive system, cells fail to receive the necessary nourishment to function optimally. Therefore, digestive health is paramount to the overall well-being of the body.


Case Histories of patients with various digestive disorders

Crohn's Disease

A 55-year-old male presented to our clinic exhibiting symptoms indicative of Crohn's disease. He experienced persistent diarrhea, bloating, abdominal cramps, and rectal bleeding. Even drinking water triggered episodes of diarrhea, which commenced upon waking and persisted throughout the day. Fearing embarrassing incidents in public, he refrained from eating until returning home in the evening. He appeared emaciated and frail, suffering from additional ailments such as numbness in various body parts, generalized body soreness, dry mouth, tastelessness, and hemorrhoids. His diet was severely limited to lettuce and turkey, exacerbating his isolation due to diarrhea anxiety.

Treatment involved a homeopathic remedy coupled with dietary modifications to enhance nutritional intake. Within a month, intestinal inflammation began subsiding, leading to reduced frequency of diarrhea and increased food tolerance. After three months, all gastrointestinal symptoms ceased, including bleeding, cramps, and bloating. His overall health improved visibly, with heightened energy levels and expanded dietary choices encompassing vegetables and grains. Furthermore, ancillary symptoms such as numbness, body aches, and hemorrhoids resolved completely within six months of treatment.


Reflux Esophagitis

Frequently referred to as heartburn, symptoms may include food regurgitation and altered taste perception. A 65-year-old female sought treatment for reflux, accompanied by a myriad of other health issues and a dependency on multiple prescription medications. Her dietary habits primarily comprised fast and packaged foods, with minimal intake of fruits and vegetables.

Comprehensive treatment addressed not only her reflux but also her overall health through homeopathic remedies and dietary adjustments. Immediate alleviation of symptoms occurred with dietary modifications, and the persistent heartburn vanished within a month of initiating the remedy. Despite ongoing treatment for chronic constipation, sciatica, high cholesterol, and arrhythmia, her condition has markedly improved. She has experienced a reduction in the number of prescription medications, leading to heightened energy levels and an overall sense of well-being.


"I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease 5 years ago and I attributed it to my diet, life style and stress. I was prescribed medications by a regular doctor without any directions to change my life and my condition kept worsening to the point of having difficulty going through the day. Las Vegas Homeopathy came highly recommended by a friend who was treated by that doctor for her depression and anxiety problems. I didn't know anything about Homeopathic medicine and I was skeptical as to the effectiveness of the treatment. The homeopathic doctor spent time with me to not only know my problems, but also to counsel me to improve my overall health and also assured me that I will be on the road to recovery within 6 months. I have been on treatment for the past 3 months and I feel like I have never had Crohn's disease and I am so much happier generally and healthier too. I have a better diet as per the doctor's advise and I see the differences in my body clearly. I am thankful to my friend for recommending this doctor to me."

 - Jasmine N, Las Vegas

"I would like to thank Dr. Sridharan for her undivided attention and a very thorough consultation of my daughter. My daughter was having stomach pains and after taking her to the emergency room, having blood test, urinanalysis and abdominal ultrasound, they couldn't give my daughter a diagnosis. They just gave her a prescription for pain medicine. I called Dr. Sridharan's office the next day, and she saw us and diagnosed her with gastritis/infection. Following Dr's recommendations, my daughter is well now and not needing any pain medicine any longer.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for not only being so knowledgeable, but helping me to feel calmer as a worried mother."

Sally B – Las Vegas - Gastritis

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