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Attention Deficit Disorder

Here is the link to a randomised double blind trials on the effect of Homeopathy on ADHD -

Case history of patients successfully treated for ADD in our clinic

Patient 1

An adult male, aged 36, came to our clinic with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). He sought help after his wife moved out of their home due to his issues and his lack of effort in addressing them. The patient reported that he had always been restless and struggled with depression, procrastination, and difficulty concentrating at work. He expressed a desire to escape his life, finding everything unbearable. He had trouble organizing tasks, focusing on work or relationships, and following through with his plans. Additionally, he had an addictive personality, often turning to stimulants like coffee and cigarettes, which generally calmed him down.

Despite sleeping well, he never felt refreshed in the morning and always felt fatigued. He lived in constant fear of someone entering his house or losing his loved ones, checking doors and windows multiple times before bed. The thought of protecting his wife comforted him. He also complained of dry mouth despite drinking plenty of water and experienced involuntary urination. He was naturally very irritable and insisted on having things his way, often flying into a rage if things didn't go as he wanted, later feeling remorseful for his outbursts. He couldn’t accept criticism and would purposely fail tasks if criticized. During the consultation, he couldn’t sit still and had to pace around. He felt easily frustrated and constantly on edge. He believed he lacked the energy to work or improve his relationship with his wife, though he loved her and wanted to make the relationship work.

The patient was given a remedy tailored to his personality and problems. At the one-month follow-up, he reported improved focus, mainly because he was no longer procrastinating. He also said he was becoming more organized, even though he still didn’t enjoy it. His sleep was sound, and he felt refreshed in the morning. The dry mouth and energy levels had improved, though the involuntary urination remained unchanged. He felt intimidated and struggled to focus when faced with multiple tasks but could concentrate and follow through on single tasks. Since the patient was responding well to the remedy, the strength of the remedy was increased to hasten the cure.

Over six months of follow-ups, the patient continued to improve. He no longer had issues with concentration, depression, or procrastination. The constant fear had significantly lessened, and he reported feeling more balanced, grounded, and calm.


Patient 2

A 12-year-old child was brought to our office by his parent with a diagnosis of ADHD. He was unable to sit still in the office for more than a few minutes, constantly moving and very restless and fidgety. The parent reported that he had difficulty communicating his thoughts, concentrating at school, and completing his daily tasks. He had been prescribed Ritalin by his pediatrician, but since starting the medication, he had experienced loss of appetite, loss of sleep, and a change in personality. The parents were very concerned and wanted to find a safe and natural alternative to medication.

Upon inquiry at the office, it was found that the child was on a fast food diet and craved sugary foods. He was prescribed a homeopathic remedy and advised to incorporate fruits and vegetables into his diet while reducing his intake of fast foods. He was also advised to avoid foods containing artificial colors, preservatives, additives, and artificial sweeteners.

After three months, the child started showing improvement in his restlessness and concentration. His focus improved, and he began receiving good grades at school. He also reported having more energy, calmness, and better problem-solving skills.


"When my son was diagnosed with ADD I was out of sorts. As per his physician's instructions/prescription I started him on concerta after which he began losing sleep, losing appetite and also had a dry mouth problem. It was heart-wrenching and then I decided to try homeopathy. Dr. Sowmya Sridharan is a blessing. She first assured me that ADD has a cure and put my fears to rest. Before she prescribed him any medication, she gathered a lot of information through her detailed questionnaire. He is being treated by her since the last one year and I see considerable progress with his focus at school. He is an honor student and is turning out to be a confident teenager. He is on the road to recovery and we believe that he will shortly be weaned off the medication. Thanks to Dr. Sridharan for her genuine concern for my child."

Dina S, North Carolina

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