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Case history of a child treated for Autism in our clinic

A five-year-old male child presented to our clinic with a diagnosis of Autism, as determined by Early Intervention services. According to the mother, the child exhibited typical development until 14 months of age. He maintained good eye contact, achieved developmental milestones appropriately, and began speaking a few words by the age of 12 months. However, his progress halted and he regressed after 14 months. From birth, he experienced recurrent ear infections, eczema, and upper respiratory tract infections, for which he received numerous courses of antibiotics, including a six-month regimen of low-dose antibiotics at the onset of symptoms.

The child displayed withdrawn behavior, struggled in social situations, engaged in repetitive activities such as incessant playing with cars, and exhibited symptoms resembling Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), such as repetitive door and light switch behaviors. Additionally, he experienced difficulty focusing in school but showed improvement with therapy at home. He became restless and emotional when unable to engage in repetitive behaviors. His speech was limited to unintelligible sounds, and he relied on guiding his mother to communicate his needs. Despite these challenges, he maintained a healthy appetite and energy level, albeit with chronic constipation and ongoing ear and respiratory infections.

Treatment targeted both antibiotic overload and symptoms of Autism, leading to gradual yet steady improvement. The implementation of a gluten-free diet, followed by a gradual reintroduction of gluten-containing foods, facilitated better digestion and overall adjustment. Within three months of treatment initiation, the child began speaking words, and his recurrent infections ceased. He exhibited increased calmness and improved focus in school. After two years of treatment, the child achieved full recovery from Autism, with resolved social, behavioral, and OCD-related issues. He successfully transitioned to mainstream schooling, demonstrating the ability to focus effectively despite surrounding distractions.


"I brought my son to Dr. Sridharan, after he was diagnosed with autism. His symptoms were repetitive behavior and difficulty in concentration which was affecting his overall development and growth. With Dr. Sridharan's expert advise and homeopathic treatment, within couple months, his repetitive behaviors had come down by 80%. He is able to focus better at school and also doing well socially. I can't thank Dr. Sridharan enough for all her help, care and expertise."

I.M - Las Vegas

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