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Here is the link to a randomised double blind trials on the effect of Homeopathy on Migraine -

Case histories of patients with different types of headaches treated in our clinic successfully. 

A female aged 25yrs came to our clinic with complaints of Migraine on and off since 16yrs of age. She was on Excedrin and other over the counter medications with no relief. She also had food allergies and seasonal allergies both of which triggered the Migraine headaches. She said her Migraines started with visual disturbances like flashing of light, with inability to open both eyes followed by splitting headache on the left side of her head which eventually spread to the right side and then the whole head. She said the Migraine headaches sometimes took days to subside even with medications. Her Migraines were severe just before periods and she felt better during her periods. She was unable to open her eyes due to sensitivity to light and hence was disabled when she had Migraine. She also had sensitivity to even the slightest noise and drafts of air. She had nausea and vomitting associated with her Migraines with vomitting seldom giving relief. Her food, seasonal allergies and Migraines started after she abused drugs in her teenage years and stayed even after she stopped using drugs. The patient also complained of irregular periods. All the trigger factors in this patient were identified and eliminated initially. Then the patient was treated to cleanse the body off toxin buildup and to balance out the chemicals in her Brain and hormones in her body. She was advised to start including the trigger factors n her life one by one over a period of time and the patient reported no migraines returning even with the trigger factors introduced. Her Migraines initially became less severe and then less frequent and subsequently no migraines for prolonged periods of time. Her periods became regular and her food and seasonal allergies disappeared. It is routine to see such changes in the overall health of the patient with Homeopathic treatment restoring health and a sense of well being.



Cluster Headache


A male aged 28 years came to us with severe headaches and he was diagnosed by his primary care provider with cluster headaches and the only treatment that they could offer was pure oxygen therapy. The patient lead a very active life and this was not an option for him, so he wanted to find a different modality to treat his problem. He had severe pain that lasted from a few days to even a week or more and it prevented him from doing anything. He didn't have any other health problems, but had a lot of stress in his work. We treated him with homeopathic remedies and also taught him stress management. He was treated for a period of 4 months and his headaches became less frequent and less severe and after another couple months, he announced that he doesn't get the headaches anymore and he carried the remedy with him at all times and if he thought he was about to get a headache, he took one pill and that took care of it. We still see the patient from time to time for any acute problems or he brings his family in for other problems. He hasn't had any cluster headaches since and hasn't had the need to use the oxygen therapy.




Jerry.K - Illinois

I used to suffer from cluster headaches and it is the most severe type of pain that I have experienced in my life. I was told by my doctor to use oxygen for the rest of my life and I didn't want to accept it. I saw Dr. Sridharan to find relief through natural ways. I was very happy with the care and the treatment I received. My pain disappeared quickly without having to use oxygen. Dr. Sridharan is a knowledgeable and caring doctor who wants the best for her patients. I still prefer to go to her for all of my family's health concerns.

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