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Case histories of people with primary and secondary infertility treated in our clinic


Patient 1

A 33 year old female had polycystic ovarian disease and she was having difficulty in getting pregnant even after trying for 8 years. She was on hormones for many years, but still did not get pregnant. She wanted to find an alternative treatment for her PCOS. We treated her for 1 year before she got pregnant. The patient had irregular periods, weight gain and unnecessary hair growth in abnormal places. She also had severe pain during her periods along with excessive bleeding that lasted a fortnight. She was treated for the PCOS and hormonal imbalance naturally with homeopathic remedies and nutrition. Human body is capable of amazing things and the homeopathic remedies help the body heal from within naturally. The patient got pregnant after a year's treatment and was cared for during her pregnancy too as her progesterone levels were low. The patient gave birth to a healthy baby girl a year ago and the child is cared for by homeopathic remedies and is healthy till date.


Patient 2

A 38 year old male had low sperm count and was unable to get his wife pregnant for over 6 years. The patient has had history of herpes and also recurrent prostatitis. He had low testosterone too and low libido. The patient also complained of low energy, loss of sleep and IBS symptoms. He was prescribed a homeopathic remedy along with a total body cleanse regime to rid of toxins and highly nutritious balanced diet. The patient reported improvement in his libido in 2 months time along with increased energy and refreshed sleep. His IBS symptoms disappeared completely within 3 months and the couple got pregnant in 8 months since the commencement of treatment even before he had a chance to test his sperm count. The patient was happy about the prospect of having a baby, and of his improved health condition.

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