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Muscle Testing
(Applied Kinesiology)

Discover how to effectively muscle test yourself, family members, or friends to identify food intolerances, sensitivities, select remedies for acute conditions, determine optimal potency and dosage, and assess nutritional deficiencies and beyond.

August 19,2023 | Saturday | 10 AM - 12:30 PM

$75/ person

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Nobel Hall, Mckinney Performing Arts Center, Mckinney, TX

(Only a few spots are available for this event. Reserve your slot now!)

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, is a technique that is used to evaluate the strength or weakness of muscles in the body.

It is based on the principle that the strength of a muscle can be affected by the body's overall state of health and well-being.

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The body is made up of many interconnected systems, including muscles, bones, nerves, and organs.

These systems work together to keep us healthy and functioning properly.

When we're in good health, our muscles tend to be strong and capable of doing their job effectively.

However, when there's an imbalance or problem in the body, such as stress, injury, or illness, the strength of certain muscles can be affected.

What will I learn from the workshop?


1. Introduction to Muscle Testing

Gain a solid foundation as we demystify muscle testing and explore its principles, techniques, and applications.

Understand how muscle testing can help assess the body's imbalances and reveal valuable insights into physical, emotional, and energetic well-being.

2. Food Intolerances and Sensitivities

Discover how to use muscle testing to identify and address food intolerances and sensitivities.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to make informed dietary choices for optimal health.


3. Remedy Selection for Acute Conditions:

Learn how to muscle test for selecting appropriate remedies for acute conditions.

Develop the confidence to support your body's natural healing process with targeted solutions.

4. Potency and Dosage Selection

Understand how muscle testing can aid in determining the most suitable potency and dosage for supplements and remedies.

Personalize your approach to optimize their effectiveness.

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5. Checking for Nutritional Deficiencies

Explore how muscle testing can be utilized to identify potential nutritional deficiencies.

Unlock the ability to support your body's nutrient needs and achieve vibrant well-being.

6. Practical Hands-On Exercises:

Engage in interactive exercises and demonstrations to refine your muscle-testing skills.

Practice working with different techniques and develop your intuition for accurate interpretations. (1).jpg (2).jpg

7. Expert Guidance and Q&A

Benefit from the expertise of our knowledgeable instructors who will guide you through the workshop.

Engage in informative Q&A sessions to deepen your understanding and clarify any doubts.

1. What to expect? 

Gain the ability to skillfully muscle test yourself, loved ones, and friends, unveiling food intolerances, sensitivities, acute condition remedies, ideal potency, and dosage choices, and uncovering potential deficiencies for a holistic understanding of health and well-being.

2. When?

August 19, 2023, at 10 AM to 12:30 PM

3. Where?

Nobel Hall, Mckinney Performing Arts Center, McKinney, TX

4. How much and how to avail?

$75/ person. Just click the button below to reserve a spot.

(Only a few are spots available for this event. Reserve your slot now!)

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the potential of muscle testing and take control of your health journey. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot by registering today!

(Only a few are spots available for this event. Reserve your slot now!)

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