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Recurrent Infections

There are many different types of infections that can reoccur, like ear infections, yeast infections, urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, pneumonia. Most infections reoccur because the immune system is not healthy. If the immune system is strong, microorganisms will be combatted naturally by the immune system. Our treatment is targeted at improving the health of the whole body and hence the immune system too.

Antibiotics kill bacteria without strengthening the immune system, also by using antibiotics often, the good bacterias in our gut that contribute to a strong immune system are also killed and hence it weakens the immune system and makes the person prone to recurrent infections.

We treat recurrent ear infections common in children and prevent recurrence and also decreases the frequencies of common colds and other common childhood infections.

We also treat recurrent yeast infections and UTI's common in women, especially in pregnancy where conventional drugs are not safe for use.

People who have poor immune system also catch colds often and can also lead to downtime and loss of wages and even can lead to bronchitis and pneumonia if the immune system is left unstrengthened.



R.D - Las Vegas

I brought my daughter to Dr. Sridharan for recurrent ear infections. The doctors had recommended ear tubes to prevent future infections as she has had 7 infections within a year. With Dr. Sridharan's treatment, my daughter stopped having ear infections and she even didn't catch colds all winter like before. I am truly thankful to Homeopathy and Dr. Sridharan for helping my daughter and preventing unnecessary surgery, cost and suffering.


Mandy - California

I had recurrent yeast infections and urinary tract infections throughout my pregnancy, I had tried over the counter medications and I was scared all along for the safety of my unborn child. My mom found Dr. Sridharan for me and I am so glad she did. My pain and symptoms assoctiated with the infections disappeared within a week and also my overall health improved and she even suggested dietary changes to help my growing baby. I have ever since gone to Dr. Sridharan for all my family's health concerns.

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