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Remedies for cold

If you have children at home, they probably will catch a cold or two this winter season and that is perfectly normal. A child's immune system develops by exposure to different microorganisms in the early stages. When you child or you get a cold, do you just have to wait to let it run its course or can you do something about it? Ofcourse, you can!

Here are some home remedies that will help different symptoms of a cold.

Vegetable/chicken soup with cayenne pepper/ black pepper

Echinacea and golden seal supplements

Tea made with garlic, ginger and cumin seeds

Drinking bentonite clay powder - 2 tbsp with 6 oz of water. This improves the elimination of toxins.

Drinking baking soda powder - 1tsp with 2 oz of water every 2 hours. Alkalizes the body and inhibits the reproduction of virus.

For sinus congestion - sinus rinse with a Netipot containing luke warm water, sea salt, baking soda and a hint of tea tree oil/eucalyptus oil

Using a warm mist humidifier with tea tree oil/eucalyptus oil will also help you or your child breathe easier at night.

Take plenty of rest, drink lots of water and consume a liquid raw juice diet. Feel better already?

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